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Support our mission!

Committed to helping rural communities THRIVE.


Our mission is to protect and promote access by the residents of the Commonwealth, and other states, to high-quality health care in rural communities by encouraging innovation in health care delivery.

Our Guiding Principles:

We will Serve with Excellence through Rapid Response to

bring Value to Every partner community.



We are a service organization and exist to support rural providers

and communities that need our assistance.



We perform our work with the highest degree of integrity and ethical standards.




We respond to all of our partners quickly and commit to response within 1 business day whenever feasible; acknowledging outreach and making a commitment to meet needs within a reasonable amount of time.



We provide value to our partners through providing high-quality,

rural relevant technical assistance and consulting services.



We make this same commitment to all partners and customers.

As a 501C3 non-profit, our ability to continue improving the quality of life of for rural residents across the country relies heavily on grant funding and public donations.

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Our Story

From rural. For rural.

The RHRCO was formed in 2020 to address rural-relevant issues plaguing rural communities across the Country. Recognizing that rural healthcare providers are often the BACKBONE of their communities, providing the most jobs and economic contributions, we are passionate about finding solutions to support these institutions through healthcare reform, workforce development, and other innovative tactics. 

We are a national resource and ADVOCATE for rural America, offering support to the rural hospitals, clinics, and other providers that our healthcare system has been failing. We have seen firsthand how the closure of these institutions leads to erosion of the surrounding community. In contrast, we have witnessed how our work supporting these institutions benefits the larger rural community at scale by driving improvements to population health, social determinants of health, and barrier mitigation.

Our vision is to TRANSFORM rural America by identifying and implementing sustainable solutions that will stabilize communities without compromising their culture and values. Through our work, we are committed to improving the quality of life for rural residents physically, mentally, and socially. We will continue to provide technical assistance to communities in need, share strategies that have proven effective, and work with local, state, and federal partners to develop long-term strategies for rural health reform.

Our passion to help rural communities thrive is not derived from anecdotal concepts but from REAL-LIVED EXPERIENCE living and working in rural America. Our team is comprised of long-term rural residents and former rural healthcare executives with an intimate understanding of the issues at hand in these communities, and we are determined to address them through creative and practical approaches. 

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