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Emergency Medical & Community Health Industry Integration Partnership (EMCHIIP)

EMS & Community Health Workforce Development in Rural Pennsylvania

In December 2022, the RHRCO received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to strengthen the EMS and Community Health workforces in rural Pennsylvania through collaboration with two rural hospitals, two local workforce development boards, two educational institutions, and the regional EMS provider.


There is a common vision of implementing Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) among PARHM participant hospitals. This is believed to be a viable option for enhancing access to care and care management in PARHM communities by mitigating transportation barriers, and reducing emergency department readmissions. Workforce development has become a key focal point of preparing for implementation of MIH.  


The Emergency Medical & Community Health Industry Integration Partnership is a regional collaborative to strengthen the EMS and Community Health workforces in rural Pennsylvania to support the pursuit of Mobile Integrated Healthcare solutions by PARHM participating hospitals. This partnership is comprised of two PARHM hospitals, their local workforce development boards, their local education intuitions, and the regional EMS provider. It is anticipated that this project will be expanded to other PARHM communities throughout its implementation.


Through collaboration and community partnership, the focus areas of the EMCHIIP include:

1. Assessing the current capacity and limitations of the CHW and EMS workforces.

2. Identifying opportunities for improvement in the training, recruiting, retention, and advancement of EMTs and CHWs.

3. Connecting with community stakeholders and subject matter experts to disseminate information and encourage shared learning and collaboration.

4. Identifying and pursuing implementation funding opportunities for developed strategies.​


We pride ourselves on forming meaningful relationships with all of our partners and stakeholders, recognizing that this sets the foundation for success in all aspects of our work. As the RHRCO works to implement this project,  we are committed to getting to know and understand the unique needs of each community we serve. 

Interested in helping us improve access to care in these rural communities through Mobile Integrated Health?

Project Partners

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