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Comparing social determinant of health factors and clinical population health metrics to the rural state averages

Rural Health Redesign Center | June, 2021

A closer look at the inequities of rural communities & PARHM's impact on them

Rural Health Redesign Center | May, 2021

Inspired by HAP's study into the economic contributions of Pennsylvania hospitals

Rural Health Redesign Center | April, 2021

An analysis of PARHM based on the 2021 All-Provider Survey sent to participant hospital leadership.

Rural Health Redesign Center | March, 2021

Department Of Health Announces Newest Participants In Rural Health Model To Ensure Pennsylvanians In Rural Areas Have Access To Care"

Nate Wardle | Department of Health Press Office | December 10, 2020

"Executive Order on Improving Rural Health and Telehealth Access"

Donald J. Trump | The White House | August 3, 2020

"How to fix the cash flow problem that makes rural healthcare unsustainable."

Annalisa Merelli | Quartz | July 30, 2020

"Sustaining Rural Hospitals After Covid-19. A case for global budgets"

Dr. Fried, Dr. Liebers, Dr. Roberts | Jama/Harvard | July 14, 2020

"Rethinking Rural Health Care. New approach to control costs, improve health"

Michael T. Crawford | PENNlines | February 2020

"Rural America's Health Crisis Seizes States' Attention"

Michael Ollove | PEW | January 31, 2020

Pennsylvania Rural Health Model

CMS | January 16, 2020

SB 314 (Pr. No. 292) - An Act Establishing the Pennsylvania Rural Health Redesign Center Authority and the Pennsylvania Rural Health Redesign Center Fund.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Journal | June 12, 2019